Inaugural Message

June 29, 2013



Our Guest of Honor - Associate Justice Christine Marie A. Jacob, Mayor John Bongat, Members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, colleagues in government, Barangay Officials, friends, guests, my fellow Naguenos.

On May 13, 2013 you had given me the mandate to serve you as Vice Mayor of our beloved city. Although this election is the longest and the road hard, particularly for the Vice Mayorship, we fought fiercely knowing in our hearts that it is in Team Naga that we can be assured of the best years ahead for our city, for us and for our children. Kun kaya mawot ko po kamong pasalamatan!

Sa gabos na mga Nague┼ło, dakulang honra po an pillion nindo ako na maging ikaduwang ama kan Ciudad. Sobra-sobra po an sakong pasasalamat!

Sa mga pag-iriba sa Team Naga asin sa City Hall, mga amigo, salamat sa saindong pagtiwala asin suporta.

Sa sakong agom asin mga aki, salamat sa pagkamoot asin sa pag-intindi.

Sa mga lider sa barangay – mga kapitan, mga kagawad, mga pamayo kan manlaen-laen na organisasyon asin mga “campaign volunteers” – salamat sa saindong dakulang tabang. Kun dae po kamo naghiro para sako, kun mayo kamo, mayo man ako sa atubang nindo ngonyan.

During the campaign each one of you had always let me feel that I am one with you and that we are all family. Now that the election is over, rest therefore in the thought that your Vice Mayor shall forever be appreciative of everything that you have done to ensure our victory. For being a true kakampi, you will always be a kapamilya and a kapuso.

My friends, I consider your mandate as a precious gift to me. And I therefore humbly and gratefully accept this gift including the duties attached to it.

The responsibilities and tasks of a Vice Mayor may be gargantuan, but the trust and confidence you have given to me shall be the main driving force to overcome all hurdles and deliver what Team Naga has promised.

The vast mandate of Team Naga assures that collaboration between the executive and legislative is strong and highly strategic. We believe in one direction and in one vision, and we will do our very best to reach that bright future through enabling environment, stout leadership and transparent, accountable and predictable governance.

I submit that the previous Sangguniang Panlungsod had done its best but I strongly submit that it will do even better in the years ahead. We will respond to the challenge because we know that there is no place for mediocrity in the Sanggunian and that our election was not a license for the selfish enjoyment of power but an endorsement of the principle that the general welfare is the only justification for the exercise of governmental power and authority.

The Sangguniang Panlungsod must therefore excel on two key points where its performance will be measured. First, on its promptness to pass sound legislations in response to challenges it will face every now and then. And second, on its capacity to pass so-called welfare legislations, along the spirit of the words of President Ramon Magsaysay that: “He who has less in life should have more in law.”

Therefore, given said criteria and while we are adapting to the new fad of doing legislative works through full computerization including the conduct of a paperless session, we will also do the following:

  1. Codify or catalogue our ordinances to ensure a more systematic arrangement of law in our city; and
  2. Popularize our ordinances so that our people will fully comprehend and understand them better.

Bringing legislation into the realm and consciousness of the masses is clearly one of our major priorities in the Sangguniang Panlungsod. With the wider and more welcoming new office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, more members of the public and press can be accommodated. A greater number of audiences can observe and participate in the deliberations and debates of the Sanggunian.

Our future is clear. Our priorities are defined. We have identified the necessary sectors that we need to empower.  The H2ELP your CiTy agenda set by our city mayor, coupled with the enabling and empowering policies in the Sangguniang Panlungsod, shall make the city more competitive and enticing both in the national and international arenas.

The challenge is upon us and we will respond to that the way a true Nagueño by heart and mind will do.  We will continue the legacy of the late Secretary and former Mayor Jesse M. Robredo and now with the guiding light of our very passionate Mayor, the Honorable John Garcia Bongat, we will continue to pursue making the best in us better.

Mabuhay an Naga! Mabuhay kitang mga Nagueño!


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