Barangay Calauag's Golden Anniversary

March 8, 2014


Warm Naga SMILES and Happy Golden Anniversary to the constituents and officials of Barangay Calauag!


By virtue of Barrio Resolution No. 8, series of 1964, the barrio council then, headed by Barrio Captain Ricardo C. De Leon, has declared March 8 of every year as the foundation day of Barrio Calauag.  Named after a medicinal plant, Calauag has been brought to life in 1964 through the exercise of initiative powers of its citizenry, taking advantage of the provisions of Republic Act No. 3590, otherwise known as The Revised Barrio Charter, enacted on June 22, 1963.  Since then, Calauag has continuously stridden as a bastion of people empowerment and participatory governance.


Over the course of 50 years, Calauaghas never faltered in contributing significantly to the over-all development of Naga.  At its own level, Barangay Calauag has sustainably and comprehensively progressed.  Socio-economic projects, aligned with the city’s general directions and complementary with the city government’s programs, have been efficiently and effectively implemented in the barangay through the efforts of its officials, now headed by Councilor Vidal P. Castillo, president of the Association of Barangay Captains, and, most especially, via the active involvementof its constituencies.As a testament to this, Barangay Calauag has consistently emerged as one of the Most Outstanding Barangays of Naga.


The City Government of Naga is also very appreciative of the support and cooperation being provided to us by the inhabitants of Barangay Calauag, especially on the multifarious people-empowerment channels we have established.  We have been receiving countless comments and suggestions from your end which greatly help us to improve further our governance practices and systems.  Through your interest, participation and vigilance in the affairs of the city, we continue to make the best better.


In your Golden Anniversary, we hope thatthe partnership between the barangay (its constituents and officials) and the city government will be further strengthened. After all, the most significant factor in attaining, sustaining and improving our Maogmang Lugar is a happy, proud, and empowered citizenry. 


Burunyog asin sararo kita sa padagos na pag-uswag kan satong ciudad.


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