Sister Cities
November 24, 2016

The Naga City Governance Model is founded on three elements: (1) progressive perspective (a function of leadership that is anchored on sustainable and inclusive development); (2) participation (emphasized engagement of the individual in governance processes through information openness on matters affecting the affairs of government); and (3) functional partnership (multiply government capacity via tapping community resources).

This model reflects the city government’s stand that, in pursuing equitable socio-economic growth, involvement of the stakeholders, within and without the city, should be solicited.   As the cliché goes, more heads are better than one.  As I always say, we do not possess monopoly of knowledge.

It is in this regard that the City Government of Naga welcomes sisterhood agreements with other local government units.  The newest of them are those with the City of Quezon in the National Capital Region and with the Municipality of Siruma in the Province of Camarines Sur.  Pursuant to Resolution Nos. 2016-495 and 2016-503, the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod of Naga, during its last regular session, has green lighted the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the aforesaid localities, respectively.

According to the said MOA, the City Government of Naga, in collaboration with the Municipality of Siruma and the City of Quezon, shall undertake mutually beneficial programs on economic cooperation, expert exchange, cross visits, tourism, sectoral exchange and other proposals. Economic cooperation focuses on improving trade and commerce among the localities.  Expert exchange deals with transfer of knowledge and expertise among LGU staff.

Meanwhile, cross visits talk about study tours to facilitate sharing of learnings and techniques on outstanding local programs on socio-economic and environmental reforms. There is also bilateral promotion of tourism destinations found in each community. Sharing of programs on housing, health and other concerns is the core of sectoral exchange.

Other projects not covered in the MOA may be explored by the parties. However, the same must have available funding and must meet the criteria of offering mutual benefit and promoting people-to-people relations among the concerned localities.  As such, as areas for functional partnership are expanding, cooperation and unity among local government units are subsequently being intensified and strengthened.  Resources of the city government are also being multiplied substantially to meet ever increasing demands of urbanization and globalization.

Indeed, in these times of constant flux, synergy and cooperation are vital to continue staying ahead of challenges and demands of governance.  To borrow from our beloved vice president, “Collaboration is today’s most important and powerful resource.”

It is, thus, heartwarming to note that we have sister cities, like the Municipality of Siruma and City of Quezon, to rely on. Iribanan po kita gabos sa padagos na pagpa-uswag kan satuyang mga komunidad.

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